Photographic contest


The association Timarcha is organizing a free digital photography competition.

The aim of this competition is to show images of natural sciences as well as accounts supporting the conservation of habitats, species and biodiversity. A judging panel will select 3 pictures for a first, a second and a third prizes. Prizes will be fine art books related with wildlife photography. Prints will be given to the participants after the exhibit (the 10 best will be re-printed and keeped by the BDEM).

The exhibit will be shown on 7th February 2017 afternoon. A second exhibit will take place with only the 10 best pictures (according to the judging panel) after the 4th Young Natural History Scientists' Meeting.

If you want to submit pictures, please read the rules.

Entrants may submit a maximum of 5 JPEG photographs by the 1rst January 2017 midnight (UTC/GMT) via the address :


Congratulations to the three winners of the photo contest:

📷 First jury award : Margot Neyret 📷

📷 Second jury award : Andrea E. Acurio 📷

📷 Public award : Ugoline Godeau 📷

Margot Neyret

Andrea E Acurio

Ugoline Godeau

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