Free tickets will be given to the participants to visit the galleries during the week of the congress.  

As we have the great chance to be in a Muséum, amongst a very large number of impressive collections, we organised several guided visits of galleries and platforms for you on Friday the 10th and a field trip on Saturday the 11th.

If you want to attend one or more visits and/or the field trip, please fill this Google Form.

Deadline for application: February, 2nd 2017

Each visit has a limited number of persons, so we'll try our best to acommodate your choices. We will let you know by e-mail in which visit you are enrolled and at what time.

Be aware that all the persons that will guide you are doing it for free just for you! So please don't  forget the visit you’re enrolled in, be on time and of course thank your awesome guide!


Friday the 10th of February

  • Visit of the imaging Platform (30 min – French & English)

The Muséum has been hosting an X-ray tomography facility for 5 years now. We CT scan specimens from a wide variety of collections such as paleontology, paleoanthropology, comparative anatomy, meteorites, entomology or marine environments, producing CT data for many different research projects every year. The session will show the system and some of the projects to highlight the fascinating results achievable with this equipment.

  • Visit of the Herbarium (1h – French & English)

Visit of galleries closed to the public that have just been renovated. The guide will present the scientific and historical interest of such collections.

  • Visit of the collections of Entomology: terrestrial arthropods (1h30 – French & English)

Visit of different types of collections with various techniques of conservation for the preparation of the specimens. The guide will talk about the interest of those collections for modern research in entomology with the presentation of several tools and methods.

  • Visit of the collections of Comparative Anatomy: osteology and fluids (1h30 – French)

History, contents and uses of the collections of comparative anatomy.

  • Visit of the collections of Geology and Mineralogy (1h – French & English)

Discovery of the Earth tresures housed at the MNHN.

  • Visit of the collections of Marine Invertebrates from the Zoothèque (1h – French & English)

After a brief introduction on the history and the functions of the Zoothèque, the guide will take you to the collections of marine invertebrates. He will present some remarkable groups and show amazing specimens.

Note that the hallways will be narrow so please do not carry large backpacks. Photos are allowed without flash.

  • Visit of the Taxidermy workshop (1h30 – French)

Interactive visit of the workshop through several technical rooms and the reserve (about 200 specimens). There will certainly be people working there so you will have a good sense of what they achieve. The manipulation of some specimens will be allowed under the guide’s supervision.

Note that photos are allowed.


Saturday the 11th of February

  • Naturalist field trip at the Père Lachaise cemetery, 10h-12h (2h – English)

Discover this renowned place of Paris where very famous people are inhumed, including Georges Cuvier, Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, and several notorious French writers and musicians. The cemetery is also a great habitat for most of the bird species that can be observed in Paris. During the visit we will observe and name the birds while learning some facts about the place.


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